DC Current Transformer and Indicator

I’m looking for a DC current transformer and appropriate display indicator (digital preferred). Can someone help specify a few components that will meet my application?

Here are the details:

-I’ll be measuring the current between the VFD and a motor. So I believe I need a RMS current transducer??

-This will be for measuring a DC current that will not exceed 11.3 amps. So I would like a display that will have pretty good resolution (minimum of one decimal place, more is better) down in the 0-15 amp range.

-The voltage will be varied from 0V to 260V

-I also need to fit the current transducer into a very small enclosure. So smaller current transducers would be best.

Please let me know if you need anything else for this.

Thank you!

David welcome to Tech Form
So you are lookin for a Current Sensors ?

Hello Robert,

Yes, but the ones in the link you posted are only for AC. I need this for DC and I can’t find them anywhere.

I also need an indicator so I can read the DC current.

Any suggestions?

thanks for the question, im also looking for the answer.

I am sorry about that here is DC sensors

Click here

Hello David, JackJoy123
I was digging into this a little bit and I am not sure what kind of cabling is coming from your VFD but it seems to me that 582-1064-ND would be a good option especially if you are looking to integrate a display. For the display we have a number of options that would be most ideal for integrating with the transducer. https://www.digikey.com/short/r8n5jr9q.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

I found the DC sensors. What is need is a recommendation for the most accurate one that will fit my project criteria.

Project criteria:

  • Measure DC current from 0amps to 15amps. (this is the available amperage range the drive will supply)
  • Voltage going through the wire to be sensed is 0-260V (German machine)
  • Must be as accurate as possible and have a fast response time.
  • Must be able to display the amperage value on an indicator

So what I would like are specific part numbers on what meets this criteria for both a current transducer and indicator.

I see there are lots of options like closed loop, open loop, Hall Effect, etc. I don’t know which ones I should be looking at. I was told that I should get a RMS current transducer, but I don’t know what that means.

582-1176-ND is another option
CR5210 CR5220 Response Time: 250 ms

I’d kindly suggest that the matter may have become confused by the form in which the question was posed, considering that the output of a Variable Frequency Drive contains little to no DC by definition.

A product such as the ACA-20RM-2-AC4-RL-C might prove sufficient to address the need, at reasonable cost and convenience.


thanks for the awesome information.