Suggestion for current sensor

I need a current sensor and I’d like some help selecting a component for it. The requirements are:

  • Must be mounted on a PCB

  • Must measure a current not on the PCB (e.g. it should have a hole for a wire to go through and measure the current on that wire. Wire is expected to be about 12AWG to 8 AWG)

  • Must measure DC current, if it also measures AC current that is a bonus but not a hard requirement

  • Smaller is better

  • Must be powered off of 12VDC or 5VDC

  • The expected current values we measure are around 5A to 25A. One goes up to 57A. Many of these current sensors have various models for different ranges. Ideally we find one family that can do all these values

I am currently looking at the Tamura L01Z series.

It’s not as small as I’d like and also it’s lowest current device is 50A. If we could get a family that is physically smaller and has some members that are lower current that would be ideal.

Let me know what you can find!

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Take a look at these sensor options . These are from the HO-P series by LEM.

Hello Vivek,

As I understand your application, you are considering a current sensor such as this:

Here are a few random thoughts for your consideration:

  • There are many smaller solutions if you allow on-board connection. I understand why that may be undesirable.

  • A smaller device may be more susceptible to saturation in the event of an overload. This can lead to undesirable measurements offsets. This older post may help our readers better understand the impact of hysteresis.

  • To reduce BOM line count it may be desirable to use a single device. For lower currents you could instruct the installer to loop two wire turns through the aperture.

Sorry I couldn’t offer a better solution. Hopefully, these ideas may help you converge on a suitable solution.

Best Wishes,


P.S. Tamura provides this brief description of sensor types to mitigate the hysteresis error.

Picture of the Tamura L01Z series current sensor