Looking for a DC hall effect clamp 80A non-intrusive (split cores) 4-20mA

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We are looking for a CT Clamp that can measure in DC. I am sadly, not the most technical person and was wondering if the any of the clamp meters advertised could serve the function of DC monitoring.

Needs to be 80A and DC.

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Hello Dehan,

Please consider the sensors from this list:

Let us know if you require a sensor to measure both the magnitude of the current and the direction of current flow. If so, we may need to look for a 4-12-20 mA sensor or shift to a +/- 10 VDC device.

For reference here are transfer characteristics of the DHR 100 C420 LEM sensor. Notice that it measures the absolute value of the current - not direction.

Transfer characteristics (absolute value) of the DHR 100 V420 sensor.

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