Voltage to current conversion for current sensor output

Hey, I recently purchased current sensor CR5410-300 to make current measurements on a 12 V bus line in an industrial experimental setup. The sensor outputs a voltage, which I am reading on an NI analog input module. I was wondering how I could convert these voltage values to current. I looked up the datasheet but could not find a direct conversion formula. Could you please assist me with this issue? Thank you!

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The datasheet shows it is a Single Element with ± 5 VAC/DC output. So if the output goes from -5V to +5V, it has a range of 10V. So for sensing 300A, it should change 1V for every 30A. I do not have a direct conversion chart. I also have not used these. Maybe one of our engineers that have used one, can add to this post.

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Thank you for your insight!

I’ve never worked with these devices so I may be way off base. That said, I think the polarity of the signal indicates the direction of current flow and the magnitude is the absolute value of the voltage. e.g. -5V = -300A, +5V = +300A. In a DC application the signal polarity would be constant.