A.6 Crystal Oscillator

I have some unknown frequency crystal oscillators.

A.6 is marked on top of crystal.

Looking for MHZ of this


I haven’t found any conclusive information, yet, regarding that oscillator. Do you have a photo that you can post here? It might help with the search results.

Add images

It could be marked A.b hard to tell.

Most of these electrical components are 8mhz or 16mhz crystals.

This is made by a company I’ve never seen before so the crystal mhz is completely unknown

@ JonnyQuest

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can identify the frequency from that marking. It’s possible that the first “A” indicated an Abracon product, but in any case, most manufacturers have the frequency encoded in the markings after the first position. It looks like everything after the "A: is missing or damaged.