Crystal Oscillator Identification

Hello Folks,

I have an odd crystal in my collection and I am trying to identify. The marking on the case is R060CDB9y. I have searched using google and have not found any reference to these markings. A previous post by Ryan_2724 had a link to large tables of 3 digit id codes. Is it safe to assume (I know, ASS-U-ME but… LOL) the code might be referring to a 6MHz crystal? Is there a simple method of testing it to find the actual frequency and capacitance?

Thanks in advance.

Brian W. Chester

Hello @bwchester,

Welcome to the forum community. Heres one method to test The Crystal (Testing) Method | Hackaday. Do you have a photo of the part?



Hello Jeff,

Thanks for the reply. Sadly, I do not have a camera handy to get a shot of the part. I’m real old school and don’t even own a cell phone any more.

I will try the simple test you pointed me too and will let you know how it goes.

Really appreciate the help.

Brian W. Chester

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