Need help identifying this SMD Crystal

Would anyone know who manufactures this 12.0Mhz Crystal?

Thank you!

Hello Brian and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

From what I could find it appears that the crystal you have would be from Comtec Crystals Group.
That is not a manufacturer we carry, but I did find the 12.000MHz crystals linked HERE
that may work as an alternative.

Hi Brian wavetech,

Here is an additional part to consider which appears to be a physical match to your Comtec Crystals part and which is stocked in-house (can ship immediately from our warehouse).

TT-SMDC-12.000-18-TR 12.00MHz 18pF load capacitance crystal


A load capacitance of 18pF is the most common value for all of our 12.00MHz crystals, but
I can’t tell what your crystal’s load capacitance is from the part markings shown, so it may or may not be a drop-in replacement for your part. If not, one might try adjusting the value of the parallel capacitors on your oscillator circuit to possibly get it to oscillate, but sometimes, depending on the drive characteristics of you oscillator circuit, even that may not help.

Thank you sir! I’ll place an order

Thank you for the additional info. Well since the markings do point to 18pf capacitance, I’m going with the fact that it should work as an exact replacement. It’s it doesn’t oscillate, I’ll keep your point in mind.