What crystal is this?

The digikey part number 887-2638-1-ND is some kind of a mutt. The
MFG part number is “7V-36.864MAAB-T
Digi Key description is " CRYSTAL 36.864MHZ 6PF SMT "
MFG description is " 36.864MHz ±30ppm Crystal 8.5pF 60 Ohms 4-SMD, No Lead"
and the data sheet doesn’t support any of these configurations.

Which is correct?


The manufacturer’s datasheet/documentation is the authoritative information source. Per the part numbering guide, the B at the end of the part number indicates a 6pF load capacitance, making the 8.5pF figure in the long-form description incorrect. That error has been duly noted and reported.

Thanks! Were these a special order or something? Will they be readily available if you run out of stock?

These appear to be a regular stock item, not a special of any sort. Indicated lead time is currently 22 weeks, so were our stock to get bought out it’d probably be a while before more came available.