PN vs load capacitance

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I would like to confirm that 7pF is the correct load capacitance for this part. Any documentation that came with this shipment might be sufficient, if a datasheet is not available with this information.

I can find no documentation linking the PN listed on this page:

with the load capacitance that is listed:
Load Capacitance: 7pF

The only documentation that I have found on this series lists 6, 9, and 12.5 pF as being the available standard options. Perhaps this was a semi-custom part and 7pF is valid, but I am having trouble confirming that.

Hello Mercurous,
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I sent a request to our product manager to get a datasheet posted.
we will let you know when we have more information.

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Thank you for your patience,
The supplier got back to just got back to us.

As per NDK
For MU00389-32.768K, CL=7pF is correct.

We don’t provide datasheet for MU00389-32.768K.

Because this product is for special customer.