Need help identifying these capacitors

Need help in identifying these two capacitors and specs 9518/9544

Thank you!


Unfortunately I could not identify these for you.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Visual identifcation of your two parts suggests they are not Capacitors, that you have Crystal Oscillators in an HC-49/US package size.

It’s likely the 4.91 written on the top means 4.91Mhz.

The closest values we have to that are 4.9152Mhz - Click Here

Changing a Crystal from 4.91Mhz to 4.9152MHz may have detrimental effects to the device.

Click here for 15MHz option Part Number: ECS-150-S-4X

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The logo on the parts indicate that they are both NDK parts. Unfortunately, it does not appear that they still make the HC-49/US package that you have.

It’s highly likely that the crystal marked “4.91” is actually 4.9152MHz and is only showing the first few digits for space reasons. That frequency is a very common frequency used in devices which have a UART and/or an RS-232 serial port because it divides down evenly to common baud rates used for such applications, such as 1200bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, etc…

Therefore, the link that @Kristof_2649 gave to the 4.9152MHz crystals is the correct one.