Access to DigiKeys database of components


My Company is interested in knowing about the components database DigiKey is hosting.

Can someone describe more in detail how to get access to it?

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Stephanie Hallberg

Are you looking for access to the Digi-Key API?

Here is a link for that.

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Yes, but info there seems rather shallow?

Is it possible to find more info?
Like cost for API?

Is the Coming Soon added recently?

Available API’s:
* Price & Availability
  • Ordering**

  • Order Status

  • Order History Summary

  • Invoicing*|* Account History Summary*

  • Naming Conventions*

  • Quoting*

  • Barcode API|

  • Coming Soon

** Subject to Digi-Key approval

I know they have been adding a lot to the API information recently, however I don’t have all the details. They do have an FAQ section and a place you can added a support ticket to ask API questions.