Access to this page hase been denied

Good morning,
I haven’t been able to access the digikey page for a few days.
In the previous days I had repeatedly received the request to click on a button to certify that I am not a robot.
I tried to log in with another PC, deleting cookies and history.
Unfortunately, even in this way I cannot access your pages…
Are there any problems on the site?

Hello Graziano,

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum community.

I’m sorry that you’re having problems with our website. I have alerted our IT personnel to this and perhaps they may reply here with their solution or findings but hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello again,

One of our IT personnel that is looking into this has asked for your customer number, email and IP address?

Thank you

Good evening Irfan_Koric,
no. I have not yet received any requests from your IT staff.

However, the connection to your website is working right now.

Our IT staff informed me that they don’t communicate directly with customers that is why I asked you for your customer number, IP and email addresses.
I’ll let them know its working for you now.

Hi Irfan,
I can currently access the site but, every time I log in, it always presents me with the “we are big fan of robots” page.
It happens even every few minutes, it happens even if I don’t close the browser.
This is very boring because I am an electronic designer by trade and he has to search for dozens if not hundreds of products every day.
None of my other suppliers’ sites have problems like yours (Mouser, RS, Distrelec, TME, etc…).
Please fix the problem - it’s very frustrating!!!

Thank you for your collaboration!

Hi Again Graziano,

I’m very sorry that you’re having trouble with our website. I have submitted a service now ticket on your behalf with our IT personnel and I included your description of the problem you’re having.
I’ll post an update here once I have some feedback from them.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I got some feedback on this from the IT personnel.

They asked that you fill out the form on the website that you can locate through the link below.
Website Issue Tips | DigiKey

Hope that helps.