Add DigiKey Search to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

This is a short guide to show you how to configure your favorite browser to quickly search


  1. Go to Electronic Components and Parts Search | DigiKey Electronics and create a new bookmark (ctrl+d) or click the image in the URL bar.
  2. Find that book mark in the boomark manager, right click, and edit bookmark.
  3. Copy and paste this Electronic Components and Parts Search | DigiKey Electronics into the URL field, and choose a shorthand keyword (dk in this example) and hit save.
  4. Go to a URL/Search bar at the top of your page, type dk searchterm in and hit enter to instantly pop into DigiKey search.


  1. Go to Settings and Find the Search Engine Tab
  2. Click on Manage search engines and site search
  3. Find the Site search area and click Add
  4. Give the Search a name, chose a shortcut to use in the URL bar, and paste in this URL


  1. Copy and paste this into your edge url bar.
  2. Click Add
  3. Give it a name, a shortcut to use preceding your search in the URL bar and paste the following URL in


From now on you can type dk yoursearchondigikey in your browser’s URL bar and get get instant results in DigiKey

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