ADI/Maxim 1-Wire Network Cables USB Adapter

Inquiries about the USB adapter for the DS1402X 1-Wire network Cables from ADI/Maxim are a common question. Many customers end up confused on the Connectivity Matrix table on the datasheet.

Verified by manufacturer, the adapter for USB to RJ11 is DS9490R#.


According to the datasheet for the adapters, there is a connection diagram which shows a good illustration to explain the connectivity.


As an example, DS1402D-DB8+ comes with an RJ11 connector and can be plugged into a PC via the DS9490R#.

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iButton, perfect for data logging or security applications

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
DS1402D-DB8±ND DS1402D-DB8+
DS1402D-DR8±ND DS1402D-DR8+
DS1402-BP8±ND DS1402-BP8+
DS1402-RP3±ND DS1402-RP3+
DS1402-RP8±ND DS1402-RP8+
DS1402-BR8±ND DS1402-BR8+
DS9490B#-ND DS9490B#
DS9490R#-ND DS9490R#