iButton, perfect for data logging or security applications

Whether you are looking to remotely monitor the temperatures or humidity of your product while you ship it across the world or authenticate the presence of a person or product, iButton can make this an easy way to accomplish the task.

Here are the basics. These iButtons are what they sound like, small metallic buttons.

MIKROE-3047 1471-2008-ND
image150x110 IBUTTON SERIAL NUMBER Memory Card ROM 8B

There are different types of iButtons that do different things such as read temperature and/or humidity or have a unique serial number allowing it to act as a password or authentication item.

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These buttons interface with a computer system by placing the one wire system into a button receptacle. Below we have an evaluation kit that provides a thermochron temperature recording device with holder as well as a Blue Dot Receptor that plugs into the USB adapter.

You can easily see how easy it would be to read or write data quickly and easily.

there are a lot of accessories for these as well. Different way to mount and carry these are available.

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If this product looks like something would be of interest to you I will also let you know that Maxim Integrated has a great support page regarding the product here:


They also have example applications, application notes, Frequently asked questions and more here:

iButton Devices | Maxim Integrated

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