Alternate for XTHS3091IDGNR from TI

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I’m looking for an alternate part to TI’s XTHS3091IDGNR. It looks like DigiKey does not carry this part. My biggest needs are for a +/-12V supply, high output current drive (>200mA), and an HVSSOP(DGN)/MSOP package. Thanks!

Welcome to the Technical Forum. The X in the part number you have tells me this was once an engineering sample part. The orderable part now is THS3091IDGNR. At this time we do not carry it. Though it is showing as active. We could do this one as a special order request. We just do not like you to post your information on the forum for others to see. We need this to do the quote. I did not find any alternative with the 12 volts and the higher current in that package type. The highest I got was with THS3061DGN which is only 145ma. Sorry. If you would like us to quote the other one we sure can.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I would be happy to provide more info and get a quote. If you could tell me how to do that off forum that would be appreciated. Thanks!

You can call in and ask for technical . Provide the part number and if you have a customer number and we can sure submit for you. If you do not have a customer number we can get that created also. Just use the 800 number on the home page.

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THS3121IDGN and THS3120IDGN are normally-stocked part numbers that would seem to meet the requested criteria, though they’re on backorder at present. Orders for non-stock semiconductor products typically entail fairly high minimum order quantities, NRND terms, and a lead time; ordering from the catalog is usually advantageous, even if the item of interest is presently out of stock.

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