Looking for alternate to TI LMP8640

Hi team, I’m looking for an alternate to Texas Instruments part LMP8640MK-T. Requirements are to have x20 gain and minimum temp range from -40 to 85C.
So far, I’ve found that LMP8640HVMK-T and LMP8640QMK-T are probably acceptable, however, I would appreciate any help in other alternates for this part.

Thank you!

Hello Isun!

I was able to find a few different parts that may work for you, see the link below:

Hi lsun,

Here are a few other options to consider. They have same pin arrangement, except rather than SOT23-6, they are SOT23-5, but the missing pin is the “No connect” pin on the LMP8640. They have other differences noted below.

INA168 Requires burden resistor on output to scale gain
AD8211 Supply voltage = 5V only rather than 2.7V to 12V range

Awesome, thank you for your help!! We will consider these options.