Alternates for obsoleted molex parts 912283001 and 912360001

Can you help us in getting alternates for obsoleted molex parts 912283001 and 912360001 from any of suppliers.

Hi Arun,

Here’s the potential alternates for 912283001:

Showing the only active possible alternate for 912360001 is this:

Please review the above parts and verify if any meet your application needs before ordering.

Your reference number for this interaction is T4252471.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance, thank you!

Thanks Kaili simpson for your reply however we are looking for a form-fit replacement without any layout change.
Is it possible to get any of the alternates.

Arun D.

Hi Arun, if you are referring to getting samples of these alternatives, you can contact our Sales team to discuss samples. You can email them at with the part numbers you are requesting.
Thank you,