Alternative for 0156-2AXX-BK Series from Dinkle Corporation, USA

We do not currently carry the 0156-2AXX-BK series of connectors from Dinkle Corporation, USA, however we do carry a similar series (Omnimate B2CF) from Weidmüller. Please review the datasheets to ensure the alternative will work for your application.

Dinkle Part Number DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
0156-2A04-BK 281-3197-ND 1277860000
0156-2A06-BK 281-3023-ND 1277870000
0156-2A08-BK 281-2986-ND 1277880000
0156-2A10-BK 281-3035-ND 1277890000
0156-2A12-BK 281-2984-ND 1277900000
0156-2A14-BK 281-3030-ND 1277910000
0156-2A16-BK 281-2967-ND 1277920000
0156-2A18-BK 281-3198-ND 1277930000
0156-2A20-BK 281-3001-ND 1277940000
0156-2A22-BK 4381-1277950000-ND,1277950000-ND 1277950000
0156-2A24-BK 281-3017-ND 1277970000
0156-2A26-BK 1277980000-ND 1277980000
0156-2A28-BK 1277990000-ND 1277990000
0156-2A30-BK 1278000000-ND 1278000000
0156-2A32-BK 281-7114-ND 1278010000
0156-2A34-BK 281-7115-ND 1278020000
0156-2A36-BK 281-3036-ND 1278030000
0156-2A40-BK 4381-2558570000-ND,281-2558570000-ND 2558570000