Alternative for DRV8432DKD and DRV8432DKDR from Texas Instruments

We do not currently carry the DRV8432DKD from Texas Instruments, however we do carry two similar devices, also from Texas Instruments. Please review the datasheets to ensure they will work for your application.

Alternative Options for DRV8432DKD

We now carry this part as seen below.

Oh, my God, we currently have a programme on the way to this DRV8432DKDR.

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. We currently show we have stock on part DRV8432DKD which is the same part but in tube packaging.

Didn’t find a page for tube fitting

Tube refers to the packaging.

I’ve found out what form this chip is tubed in.

Yes, the manufacturer part number for this IC that comes in tube packaging is DRV8432DKD , here’s our link to the part DRV8432DKD Texas Instruments | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey

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Due to safety concerns we do not post personal information to the Forum and we ask that users refrain from doing so as well. If you would like to speak to someone in person please call one of our technicians @ 1-800-344-4539 Monday-Friday 6AM-8PM Central Standard Time.