Ti chip identification

Can someone please assist me with identifying this ti chip, its used in a stepper motor driver Hbs57h and I’m looking for a replacement chip bit not sure which one

Hi divanswanepoel84,

This is the guy, I suppose.


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Hey Heke, thank you for replying, how sure are you its this one? And not LMV324IDRG4? Is there a difference between the 2? I’m really not clued up on this so try to learn as much as possible.

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Hello divanswanepoel84,

I think heke found the closest one that is in stock at DigiKey.
The LMV324IDRG4 would be the best match, but DigiKey has discontinued carrying it.
The G4 suffix will not change the function of the part. It is basically a “Green” callout for being Lead-Free. So the LMV324IDR (DigiKey part number 296-9569-1-ND) will work the same.
Click Here for a link that explains the added G4 suffix.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge, I really really appreciate it. If I may ask what does the DR stand for?

The D is for the SOIC package. Looking on the datasheet, it will be drawing D. The R is for the Tape & Reel packaging.