TP Link Deco M4R PMIC

Hi all

Was hoping to find out if anyone can identify this component, presumed to be a PMIC in my TP Link Deco M4R .

See Pic attached.

Any help and possibly where to get a replacement would be appreciated.


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I’m not able to tell what the markings are on the part from the photo. Any chance you can post what they may be, hard to tell with the damage.

Hi @FuZZRS ,

The chip seems to have had hard time.
The fuzzy marking and the pin-out suggests that this could be RT6214 by Richtek.

Cheers, heke

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Thanks a mil chaps.

@Steve_Fellman my best guess is 2V=AGi but again, its tough to say.

@heke chip suffered a power surge from a UPS of all things, fried my ONT fibre box as well. I’m willing to give anything a shot, my whole smart home (100+ devices) are all nicely and pain stakingly living on this router. Losing it would mean rediculous amounts of work setting everything up again…

If you are relatively confident that it may be the RT6214, I’m going to go for it, let me know what you think.

Thanks again

Hi @FuZZRS ,

It sounds like you have a quite a setup at your home. Would be fun to read about it more.
The chip is certainly a buck regulator. The “=” symbol on the code is Richtek’s “signature”. I’d say the 2 first symbols are “2Y”, pointing to the suggested device. The pin-out, based on the routing in the PCB matches 1:1 to the chip (most of the other chips in Richtek’s great offerings have incompatible pin-out). The 2.2uH inductor also fits to the bill.
If you have a multimeter available, I wonder, could you measure the resistance values of R422, R425 and R1185?
Cheers, heke

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heke may have the correct one listed. Is it possible the 2V is a 2Y marking? The AGi would be a date code if it’s the Richtek part and would vary depending on date of manufacture.

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@heke Its quite the setup that has evolved. I use Home Assistant for most functionality, but having everything neatly organised makes a world of difference, so not needing to do it again would be increadible.
I will measure the resistance when I get home, and let you know.
I just have to find out where I can get 1 of these in South Africa…I don’t need 3000, haha.

@Steve_Fellman It could easily be a Y not a V…

Sounds like its a Richtek part…now to hunt one down…

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Hoping you get it working with the excellent suggestions others have posted.

Then your next step should be to rethink how you are doing things so that you can slap in a new router at the drop of a hat and be up and running in under 4 hours.

It’s not difficult to do but it does take learning better network administration techniques. I first learned how to do it last century and I’ve never regretted keeping my networks easy to repair and upgrade.

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@Steve_Fellman , @FuZZRS . To my eye the first part of the code looks indeed more “2V” than “2Y”, but could not find any chip having code “2V”.
Edit: Need to add one observation: The datasheet says, that if there is a compensation cap at the feedback divider, then there is a need to have a resistor between the feedback divider and the FB-pin. As it is not the case in that circuit, the chip may not be the RT6214 after all…
Richtek do not disclose all codes they use, so probably OP need to contact their sales to get confirmation.
TP Link Deco M4R sells in Ebay at quite a low price, thus one solution is just to buy one and salvage the chip.
Cheers, heke

@heke This is indeed my next step…seems wasteful though, so I’ll hunt for one and if no luck, I’ll salvage it from another M4R.
@PaulHutch alas…my networking skills are abismal. I unfortunately only know enough to get myself into trouble.

Thanks so much chaps. Really appreciate the input.