DC regulator/converter part ID

Hi. Is anyone able to identify this little IC? I think it’s a DC power regulator/converter.

The markings look to me like: IAGCK. The package is about 2.6 by 1.5mm. It has 8 pins. (I measured in place and the adjacent inductor interfered with the caliper.)

Here’s a picture.

Thanks much.

Possibly MP2315GJ-Z as the part marking lists AGC and doing an image search on that part brings up a number of pictures with a different 4th letter.

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Okay, thanks Robert. From markings on the PCB, this power section changes 19VDC to split 5VDC+/-. I’ll look closer at the signal path, your pick might do it.

I didn’t realize that uploading images could help find parts; I just tried it with google. Are there other sites you like for that method?