Please help me with the identification of this IC

This is an ic from Gigabyte Aorus 15g XB laptop mainboard. Couldn’t find what it is and where I can find a replacement one. Thank you

Hello Goldenaxe1983 and welcome to the forum.

I could not ID that one as marked.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi goldenaxe1983,

This could be DRV8837, although the most logical use of it would be driving a fan. Is your laptop suffering from a non-functional fan?

heke, AsamaLab

It may be possible that the DRV8837 is that chip.
However the marking lookup on TI does not return results with the given marking.
And the markings the DRV8837 are listed to have don’t mark the given chip.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for pointing out the package marking! I noticed the marking discrepancy too, but was betting my 2 cents, that it could be a second sourced part (DRV8837 is very popular, yet “oldish”), such as MD8837. The discretes around the chip also support the type. However, it is just a guess. Laptop is not very likely place to find that little workhorse.


thanks heke. In fact laptop is not powering on, however the board is likely to have multiple faults. I better check the other fan powering area to see if there is any other chip to power the other fan, just to confirm.

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H goldenaxe1983,

Well, in these days it is, unfortunately, usually cheaper to just buy a new laptop, instead of attempting to fix the broken one. Truly admiring this, and any, effort to extend the active life of an electronic device. Let TechForum know how it is progressing.

Cheers, heke

Agreed. Its really shocking how recent hardware fails so fast and repairing them is so hard since they use proprietary or disguised components.
By the way, It appears the board only has 1 of this failed IC (it has 2 fans with 2 distinct power). supplying areas)
Anyway thank you very much mate. Cheers