Help with chip id

HelpI trying to figure out these components.

  1. There is large “Q” almost looks like Qualcomm, FA7808 or FA7608, 2039CC

  2. This one has marking of L9. Might be capacitor or diode as there a line on one side.

  3. This chip has marking of VE with 5 pins.

  4. This chip has marking eHCSN.

Thanks for helping. Im trying to fix laptop motherboard and not having much luck.

Hi @bullseyesolutions ,
The logo on the FA chip hints that it may be from Fuji Electric.
Could not find any datasheet though.
What is the product?
Cheers, heke

Hello bullseyesolutions - I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to identify any of the parts on your photos. Perhaps one of my colleagues will be able to help.

Hi bullseyesolutions,

The “L9” parts might be the BZX384-B12,115 12V zener diode.

From page 3 of the datasheet:

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Thanks for the assistance. How do you guys find/look up the marking codes? I got this reading off the L9 component on the tester so I guess it is a diode.

This website is a useful tool:

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For the “VE” marking chip, I found these matching the “VE” and would like help narrowing it down.

  1. BD46445G - Rohm SSOP-5 Voltage detector IC 4.4V±1%, -MR, -Reset PPO, 500ms
  2. 74LVC1G08GW,125 - Nexperia USA Inc. IC GATE AND 1CH 2-INP 5TSSOP
  3. AP7365-15WG-7 - Diodes Incorporated IC REG LINEAR 1.5V 600MA SOT25

This is on Razer Blade 15 laptop motherboard.

Based on the part marking layout info in the respective datasheets for the three parts you mention, the BD46445G and the AP7365-15WG-7 don’t seem to be matches.

BD46445G marking:

AP7365-15WG-7 marking:

The 74LVC1G08GW,125 “AND gate” is a possibility, though the datasheet for that part only states that it is marked with “VE”, but not how it’s oriented on the part.

It looks like there’s a cap attached to pin 5 (Vcc) in your image, which would be typical for the 74LVC1G08. The other side of that cap should go to the ground plane. Pin 3 (GND) should go directly to the ground plane. Not sure how you could test if it’s bad, but pins 1 and 2 would be the two inputs, and pin 4 would be the output of the AND gate.


It could easily be some other part, too, but the 74LVC1G08 is a possibility.

Thanks for your input and after reading the datasheets again about the markings I agree its down to 74LVC1G08. These results were after sifting through the result list on as the other results were not the same shape/style.

That website is useful, but it certainly is not an exhaustive list, so there’s no guarantee that it is the 74LVC1G08.

Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any other site to check besides aliexpress, ebay, google?

That’s about all I have. You can check individual vendor websites, but that’s extremely tedious and many of them don’t even publish that information.

Perhaps there are sites focused on repairing those particular boards which might be of help.

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Hi @bullseyesolutions ,

the “VE” thing is probably the 1G08 AND port discussed above (used here as a buffer). Onsemi’s top marking seems to fit quite well.

Cheers, heke

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I didnt see VE listed in the datasheet and marking pattern is different then one on datasheet. There is no date marking on mines. I drew what the marking look like. Thanks for looking into it.

Hi @bullseyesolutions ,

Oops. You are right. V-something codes hovering around the “VE” but no exact match. My bad.
The dotting concept hinted to Onsemi, but can easily be something else.
The most straightforward fix might be replacing the whole motherboard.
Cheers, heke