Help! SMD component that I cant seem to pinpoint

The blown component is the same as the one beside it, however I cant figure out exactly what I need to replace it with.

TPS62590 1-A Step Down Converter in 2-mm × 2-mm WSON Package is the closest I got to maybe figuring it out. However the pinout dont seem to match my needs.

Any help, advice or wisdom will be greatly appreciated!


The top mark shown doesn’t return any results from TI’s part mark search, suggesting that it’s not a TI product. Switching regulators tend to have an inductor or two in close proximity connected with fat traces; though possible that does not seem to be the case here.

Gaining some idea of what the part does would be of notable help; looking at what other IC’s things are connected to should offer some further clues. Knowing what the overall device is doesn’t hurt either. Lack of an identifying vendor mark doesn’t help matters, but the pin count and package size can be used to help narrow things down once a person has some idea of what product family to look at. Linear regulators of some type would be my guess absent further info, but there are lots of other possibilities.

Yes, of course!

So the story is, this is an Asus ChromeBook c523n that I am repairing for a client. I had just managed to replace the destroyed charging port then I noticed this little bugger. Its located on the underside of the motherboard slightly south west of the charging port and power on LED. And theres nothing close to it on the underside, but flip the board over and its almost located underneath this IC SlimPort tm an3429.

Hope this helps because Im stumped and the dude really wants his laptop aha. Thanks again for the response and sorry for the late answer, twas canada day!