Help identifying power converter

Hello. Can you please help/identify this power converter from a guitar pedal? In attached pic, it’s U701, centered. It measures about 4x5mm. I see the markings on it say TPS5420 7CK J6Y5, and I found the Digikey page about TPS5420… I’m just now not sure which one to pick from there.

Do you have any tips about the codes: 7CK J6Y5? Is one of those (or both?) just a production/batch number?

Thanks much for your help on this and any tips so I can pick the right one in the future.

Hello Zack!

Looks like a 8-SOIC package. I would suggest going with 296-31984-1-ND as that coordinates with the part markings and packaging.


Thanks. So are all the variations of this part different sizes and numbers of legs? Was there any other pointer to key into the one you picked?

Great question. There is actually a TI part marking lookup webpage ( Entering in the TPS5420 into it brings up a product match of the TPS5420D.

The bulk verison is TSP5420D (Digi-Key # 296-19671-5-ND) but the reeled version (TPS5420DR / Digi-Key # 296-31984-1-ND) looks to be a little bit less expensive, that’s why I went with that one instead. :slight_smile: Same part, just different factory packaging.

Great, thanks. Nice to have you and others help out here, but thanks for the TI lookup page tip to help me find stuff on my own, too.