Two SMT power (?) stage part IDs


Hello. Can anyone help identify these two parts from a guitar pedal looper? I’m having power issues and thought these might relate. I don’t have a schematic, and I couldn’t find any conclusive hits on these part numbers when I searched Digi-Key and beyond.

Part U703 looks like a voltage regulator, yes? It says LD33 [ST logo] C744. It measures about 5.7x3.2mm.

Part U801 caught my eye, but I’m not clear on what it is. It says ATMLH808 2DB 1 P7H3578… but it’s hard to read; maybe it says ATMLH608? Those look like 8s in person but in this photo, less so. It measures about 3.7x4.7mm.

Pictures attached.



The first part LD33 appears to be a 497-1228-1-ND Unfortunately they do not show the part markings in the data sheet. I was able to google the manufacturer part number and find pictures with matching markings.

The second part appears to be a AT24C02D-SSHM-TCT-ND. You can see a breakdown of the marking for this part in the datasheet.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks, Robert! I’ll check these out more closely and add them to my order.