Two SMT power (?) stage part IDs


Hello. Can anyone help identify these two parts from a guitar pedal looper? I’m having power issues and thought these might relate. I don’t have a schematic, and I couldn’t find any conclusive hits on these part numbers when I searched Digi-Key and beyond.

Part U703 looks like a voltage regulator, yes? It says LD33 [ST logo] C744. It measures about 5.7x3.2mm.

Part U801 caught my eye, but I’m not clear on what it is. It says ATMLH808 2DB 1 P7H3578… but it’s hard to read; maybe it says ATMLH608? Those look like 8s in person but in this photo, less so. It measures about 3.7x4.7mm.

Pictures attached.



The first part LD33 appears to be a 497-1228-1-ND Unfortunately they do not show the part markings in the data sheet. I was able to google the manufacturer part number and find pictures with matching markings.

The second part appears to be a AT24C02D-SSHM-TCT-ND. You can see a breakdown of the marking for this part in the datasheet.

Let me know if you have any questions.