Help to identify SMD Voltage Regulator and also alternate component

I need help to identify the 8 pins smd voltage regulator encircled in red at a control module for a solar light lamp. And also would like to know alternate parts for the 6 pins smd voltage regulator encircled in yellow. That control module (here attached photo) is connected to a 3.2 volt 2000mAh 6.4Wh 18730 HP rechargeable NiMh Battery. All advices and ideas are welcomed.


Hello rueda.micky - I don’t see any marking or lettering on the voltage regulator. Is there any identifying marking on the part? A manufacturer’s logo? I’m not sure how we can identify the part without more information, unfortunately.

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I certainly don’t know if could be some marking underneath the 8 pin Voltage Regulator (U2), because there’s no visible sign of electrical failure and so on.
And about the two other Voltage Regulators (U3 & U4) encircled in yellow. Do you know if there’s another alternate part for both of them? Thanks.

I took a look at this as well and as jenny mentioned without any part marking or other info it does not look like we can get far on the big one unless it is same mfr etc as the smaller ones.

on the smaller ones I can see marking but when i blow it up I can’t make out the marking. can you add a picture straight down on those two?

Here attached are the two Voltage Regulators.
2 Voltage Regulators of the Solar Light Circuit Board

Unfortunately I don’t see that we carry these regulators. Regulation voltage and other specifications are unknown, so we would be unable to cross to another component. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance, maybe another on this form could offer a better alternative.

Hi @rueda.micky,

The U3 on the board is probably a battery protection IC and the U4 is a dual MOSFET, although designated with “U”. Both made By Fine Made Microelectronics.

The SO-8 packaged chip is likely a microcontroller.
Cheers, heke