Looking for this component - I belive it's a Voltage regulator?

Hi, Looking for this component, i believe it’s a 8 pin regulator, I have no schematic and the markings i can’t find anywhere. 04S 0483.

Thanks in advance

Hi lek

Unfortunately I am not able to locate this part based off the markings.

Hi @lek ,
LDOs rarely come in TSSOP8 package.
I wonder, could you provide more pictures, showing the components around and better view of the tracks (flux remover may improve the visibility).
Cheers, heke

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Yes you are probably right, here is a wider picture. This circuit provides the voltage for the power transistor to the left, well that is what I think anyway.
I have a constant 4,6 volt from it but it should be varying is to the selected output power for the transmitter…. I I’m probably on deep water here :slight_smile:

Hi @lek ,
Thank you for the picture.
Hard to tell.
Guessing that the product is a some sort of UHF transceiver?
The chip may be doing active power amplifier biasing. Actually the chip on right interests (can see only a fraction of it at the edge of the picture, northeast from the screw). Can you provide another pic showing the stuff to the right?
Cheers, heke

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