Voltage reg or switching transistor (?) ID

Hi. I’m repairing a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator synth toy that doesn’t power up and think the issue is the pictured voltage regulator (or is it a transistor?). The 3V battery power supply positive directly connects to the single-leg side of this. The part routes the power to the rest of the system. There’s a tiny crack in the part that’s not in focus; I want to replace this.

Any idea on what this part is? It has the letters TS written in one orientation and a 1 written in another orientation. It’s about 1.2mm by 2.1mm package shape.

Thanks much.

possible part

SC-70, SOT-323 ?
RN2316,LF 2 x 2.1mm

Thanks. What’s your confidence in this idea, or how did you come to it? I see in the spec sheet the markings don’t seem to match this literal one. (Not that that means much, just if they matched, it might mean something.)

I guess there’s a small chance I can examine a working one, maybe that would clarify what I’m looking for. Without that (or help from the Teenage Engineering, TBD/unlikely), is there any other approach?

Teenage Engineering replied back and was helpful, great. They said the part is NTS2101PT1G or a substitute is DMP2160UW-7. Thanks for trying to find it based on the markings.