Need help with this voltage regulator

Hello everyone. Can someone identify this circuit, it looks like a voltage regulator but the numbers don’t correspond with any numbers or circuits on the internet. I would really appreciate it because I need it for a refrigerator board. I uploaded a picture but I’m not sure if it uploaded or not. Thank you

Hi, Welcome to Tech Forum! I am sorry, we really do not have a way to look up parts by the markings. Do you have any other information on the part? If you can find a schematic for the board, sometimes it will list the part numbers used on it. But without more information, we would not know what it it.

A designator of “Q” on the PCB silkscreen almost always indicates a transistor.

I’m sorry, we do not have an listing of schematics for boards.

Hi, if this was a transistor I don’t think it would show a short circuit, or would it? Thank you

Most semiconductor components fail open circuit but all can fail short circuit given the right conditions.

I have searched for a schematic for that as well and did not find one. I did see some boards for sale when I searched with the 734060-01 but the only site that said they had a schematic was blocked by our firewall saying it was a phishing website so be careful.

Hi, that’s interesting I never knew that because I never tested a transistor that was shorted. Thanks for the info

Hi, thank you for trying to help. I’ll try to look it up by that number. I know what you mean about the fishing or potential virus I got the same results. Thank you