Voltage Regulator Part

I was wondering if anyone could help identify this part? I think it’s a voltage regulator due to it’s location. This is for an HVAC control unit for a 2188 combine. The numbers on the part are hard to read because the part is partially melted. Below is all the info I have. Thanks for any help.



A FET of the P60N type seems a likely possibility; it’d be consistent with the pattern shown on the PCB, and the ratings are about right for switching moderate loads in a 12V system. There’s a number of devices with similar figures being made. Might be worth a try.

Ok, I’ll take a look at that part. Thanks!

That photo is good example showing the 3 most often seen of the 4 reference designator prefixes commonly associated with TO-220 style packages.

Up top is U5 (U=integrated circuit), in the middle is Q3 (Q=transistor), and at the bottom is D20 (D=diode). The fourth common prefix on this style package is much less frequently encountered (R=resistor).

Hi Brad,

Here’s the datasheet.
Note that it is a hefty 60A device.

Heke, AsamaLab