IC I have it states:
-5.0 P+

can anyone help me finding this exact IC on digikey?

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Here’s the part:


thanks a lot man

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can you help me a bit more?

is this item also same? I mean can I also use this in same place?

It’s named and marked as an equivalent part, so this manufacturer (UMW) thinks it’s a good substitute for the original manufacturer’s (Texas Instruments formerly National Semiconductor) part.

Without carefully comparing the TI data sheet specs to the UMW data sheet specs, and without knowing the complete circuit it was designed to be used in, I can’t say for certain if it’s a good substitute.


Ok, the one I have says JM93GRP instead of UVW 2104. Will it make a difference if I use Texas Instruments IC as I am thinking that JM93GRP is not a product of texas instruments.

Those other markings are date code/lot code type markings.

It seems that the “UMW” (I assume you meant that rather than “UVW”) is almost certainly the vendor’s logo (as that’s the company name). We have no indication as to how Texas Instruments (TI) marks their parts, other than that it will have “LM2596S-5.0 P+” on it, though it would likely have either the TI logo or the National Semiconductor logo (as this part was originally a National part and TI acquired them many years ago).

TI logo image
National logo image

Regardless, the TI part is the basis from which the other knock-off parts are created, so the TI part would almost certainly work for you.

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Ok sir thanks. I now know that mine is National Semiconductor. Attached is image of IC I am sharing

Sir please let me know if I am somehow wrong

Hi threedmaks,

Yes that’s definitely the National logo, so it is the TI/National part that @PaulHutch indicated above, the LM2596S-5.0/NOPB.