Trying to find a replacement for a discontinued chip need a replacement option for this chip. i have a hard time finding the same pinouts.

I’m not finding anything either. It’s a product that’s borderline when it comes to potential for finding workable drop-in alternatives; a person might get lucky, but the odds aren’t especially good.

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Seems to be close, but that’s also phasing out.

heke, AsamaLab

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awesome … ordered! thank you!

edit: not in stock :slight_smile:

Have you looked at Maxlinear part XRP7665IDBTR-F? Per the datasheet, the pinouts look to be the same. Granted, it too is obsolete but if you look around online you’ll probably find some available.

Or possibly MPS MP1484EN-LF-Z. The specs are a bit different, but it appears the pinouts are the same. I don’t know what your particular application or requirements are so it may work. This one has the added benefit of actually showing stock here at Digikey.

Good luck!

Here are a couple more in stock options to consider: (max input voltages lower on both, but same pinout)

MP2307DN-LF-Z Specs: 23V 3A

MP1593DN-LF-Z Specs: 28V 3A requires rectifier between SW and GND (no internal synchronous rectifier)