Xbox series x componant


Hoping someone can help me ID this part? It sits on the 12v power circuit for the on/off button/board.

I cant identify its specs but the writing on it say OK=L4T

Welcome to the TechForum, I am looking to see what I can find out for you.

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I am not able to identify the part in the image.

Its a voltage regulator of some sort


You can look at part number ADP1711AUJZ-0.75R7. The data sheet does state the part marking is the L4T.

You can scroll down and see if you think that this might be it. I just can’t find anything with the OK.


Excellent thank you, will take a look


I have a schematic and part number for the item. Do you have anything that matches?

Part No

Hello paulallangarret. Thank you for contacting the Forum. We do carry the Richtek part you have mentioned. These are the options we have for RT9742. All of these options are in stock. The difference between the part numbers is the output current. The link I gave you is a comparison of all the stocking RT9742s.

Hi paulallangarrett,

There is a slight chance that the device is not RT9742.

  • The PCB layout seems not support that (although the signals from pins 3, 4 may have vias under the package). Is there a chance to have a photo showing also the components around and the reference markings?

  • Marking code β€œ0K=” suggests that the chip is RT9169H-28GB, 2.8V LDO from Richtek. RT9169. You could consider replacing it with for example RT9080.

Hope this helps.
heke, AsamaLab.


Thank you for the continued support. Im stripping the console back down today. I will get some more detailed photos of the board from both sides

Circuit in question, this is the underside of the board

Top of the board showing its linked to tbe power connector and on/off switch (nexus connector)

Ive just tested a working board and the middle pin in ground so i think the schematic has pin 2 and 3 the wrong way round.

Hi paulallangarrett,

Yeah, it indeed seems that the chip is the RT9742 as the schematic states. The pin numbering in SOT23-5 goes counterclockwise, thus the middle pin is #2, which is GND. I guess it is fairly safe to purchase the chip and replace. It might be an option to ask Digi-Key sales to check which version has same marking code (OK=).


Hello all,

The Datasheet for the RT9742, indicates that the top marking of 0K= is for the part number RT9742CGJ5, which is the Digi-Key part number 1028-1428-1-ND. Hope this helps.


You have all been brilliant, i will get them ordered and see if it works

Sounds great. Let us know how things work out for you.