Alternative for DSX321G

Part number DSX321G is a crystal resonator in a surface mount package. Specifications can be found below for this part:

  • Frequencies: 7.9 - 9MHz; 9 - 9.8MHz; 9.8 - 11MHz; 11 - 12MHz; 12 - 20MHz; 20 - 27MHz; 27 - 64MHz

  • Load Capacitance: 8pF, 10pF, 12pF

  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): 50Ω, 60Ω, 80Ω, 100Ω, 150Ω, 300Ω, 400Ω

  • Operating Temperature: −40 to +85℃

When looking at the markings on the crystals, this will help you determine what they are on the original part:

  • First letter is the logo, second numbers are the frequency, and the third numbers are the lot code.
  • Second set should have two numbers for frequency.
  • Third set should have three numbers for a lot code.

Applications for this product include:
Industrial equipment
Automotive applications
Wireless modules: short-range

This link will bring you to the options we have to offer: Crystals

If you would like the original datasheet to the product, that can be found here: SMD Crystal Resonators

Always use the manufacturer datasheets to verify the part specification will meet the needs of your application.