Alternative for IXGN200N60B IGBT


I am looking for an alternative for an IXGN200N60B IGBT. I would go with IXGN200N60B3, but I am not sure about the frequency. The datasheet of the IXGN200N60B says only “HiPerFAST”. The IXGN200N60B3 datasheet says 5-40kHz. The IGBTs are for a Tig welding Inverter.

Looking for any advice.

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Hello @d.lissov,

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I wasn’t able to find a better sub in stock than IXGN200N60B3. There is a non stocking sub that looks to be a good alt in part IXXN200N60C3H1 but this is a moq of 300 and lead time of approximately 46 weeks. This one has a statement in the data sheet: Extreme Light Punch Through IGBT for 20-60kHz Switching.

When I compared the two data sheets of IXGN200N60B vs the IXGN200N60B3 there were some differences that I noticed but other than the Medium-Speed Low-Vsat PT
IGBT for 5-40kHz Switching statement there was nothing else on frequency switching. I think this statement is something new they put in.

The IXGN200N60B does not actually give the frequency range statement unfortunately at all.