Looking for help finding this component

I’ve tried using the identifying marks on this to try to find it online, but nothing come up. Would anyone know where I could find it?

Hello Adam,

Welcome to DigiKey tech forum.

I think that is part STGF3NC120HD. Unfortunately we don’ have any stock of it.

I was not able to locate a good substitute for it that we had in stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I made a mistake here. It looks to be actually STGB3NC120HDT4. I made a mistake thinking the 3rd character was an 8 not a B.

I was not able to locate any substitutes that are in stock but here are some similar ones that you may like as a possible subs that are not in stock.

Feel free to visit the data sheet 7 A, 1200 V very fast IGBT with ultrafast diode of the STGB3NC120HDT4 to help with locating a sub from elsewhere perhaps.

Hope that helps.

The GB3NC120HD marking is the order code STGB3NC120HDT4 part as in the data sheet.