Mosfet or transistor and how to identify with part number

Hey everyone. I am trying to identify a transistor that is on the power board of my tv and i am having trouble finding anything with the numbers that are on there.

Any help would be much appreciated

I have tried to upload a picture of the component in question. So i hope it worked and you guys can see it.


There are a few package/case options for an STMicro 18NM60N, but from the products on our site, part number STF18NM60N looks like the closest match: [ Digi-key Part Number 497-10300-5-ND ]. Part number STP18NM60N would probably work as well with a higher power rating: [ Digikey Part Number 497-10305-5-ND ].

On your power board, though, the MOSFETs are placed horizontally with a bent lead configuration. It’s not difficult to modify leads and match that, but I don’t know if you could find the same style as an off-the-shelf purchase.

Excellent and thank you.

I have one more question if you don’t mind. How are you aware of the amps and watt rating based on those numbers on the mosfet?

With parts that were purchased by a manufacturer and already assembled on a board, there is always some uncertainty. However, in this case, I did not see any markings that suggested the electrical specs varied from an off-the-shelf product. The datasheets for this type of STM product suggest that the base part number is included in the marking, and the remaining marks look like a date/lot code, factory location, etc. So, it’s the lack of any special markings that point to the standard electrical specs.

The only question is which exact package/case it might be, and visually it looks like the STF version. It’s always possible that the manufacturer had physical modifications made to a standard part (other than the bent leads) that had a higher power rating, but it doesn’t seem likely given the extra cost and the lack of an obvious need for it. Still, the STP package is an option if there are any concerns.