I am having trouble locating these, i need 20 of each. do you stock them?


Thank you for contacting the Technical Forum. Can you try to load the images again? They are not showing up.

i believe i fixed it


The part number does go in on our website with part number PSMN030-150P,127. It is not in stock at this time. I have a link for two options that might work. Here is the link:

They are both higher current rated. Though the lower rdson is generally better, but the input capacitance goes higher with the lower rds rating. You will have to decide if you think one would work.

ok but these are three different ones i am looking for each

I am unable to read the others. I have tried this so far and get nothing:


P8dw or PBdw

I could not see the rest of the last one and unsure about the first one. Sorry. Can you type the other two in?

The first item, the 40CTQ150 is a dual common cathode Schottky diode rated for 20A per leg and 150V. The best option we have for that one is the STPS60150CT, which is a 30A 150V dual common cathode Schottky diode.

number one
v p514x

Number 2

g40v5 v6

unsure if zeros or O’s

if you can find the others i will get them and the alternitave for the first if you can direct me to pricing

For part number STP80NF12, I would look at IXTP86N20X4 as the alternative. There are some differences. Though it is very close.
40CTQ150PBF-ND appears to be the next one. 3757-MBR20150CT_T0_00001-ND would be the closest stocking option for that one.
Thank you for the additional information also. It was very much appreciated.

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An additional option for the PSMN030-150P is the IPP200N15N3GXKSA1. It’s current is slightly lower at 25°C, but is 1A higher at 100°C, so still a pretty good option. Other specs look to as good or better.