Need a Replacement Mosfet

The mosfet I have is labeled S12N80C. I have googled the number for a data sheet but nothing came back in the search. Can someone help me cross-reference this to a comparable part number that Digi-key sells.


I was not able to find data on the original part, Though I can say it will be an 800v , 12A Mosfet. I can provide a list and you can check what looks like it is the same type package as what you have. The list is: I was not able to provide the exact one as I did not have a data sheet. Please check out the list to see if anything will work for you.

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Thank you so much for your help. Since I’m new and trying to learn things, I have a question. How in the year 2020 can it be that a component is made and put into a device and there is absolutely NOTHING available online to define its’ specifications. I thought I was doing something wrong when I did my search. But you telling me that you couldn’t find anything on it either just astonishes me. How can this be? Please help me understand what I don’t know.
Brad Bealing

Most of the time this would be due to a Manufacture using a part that it is proprietary. This means it might not be a standard part. It also could be a standard part , that would be stamped with what the Manufacture wants to make it proprietary. There are a lot of reasons that part numbers can’t be identified. We usually recommend if you can request that information from the Manufacture of the part number this comes out of. Unfortunately most of the time they do not share.