Need replacement for a P80N03 Mosfet

Looks like this product is obsolete. What is the best replacement for this. Original is by STmicroelectronics. I must add that my device has 5 of these wired in parralell. I am replacing only one so I would think it would have to be as close a match as possible. Thank you

Hello, @Mitsu! Welcome to the forum. I did some checking and this looks like a near identical alternate: 497-2676-5-ND
-Please note that this is a more or less temporary solution for sourcing replacements, while this item is still in stock for now, it being discontinued as well.

The best active part number I could find was this: 497-13587-5-ND
-However, it needs to be noted that this has a lower power rating than the original, so depending on the application you may need to review before using it. It’s not as exact a replacement as my first recommendation.