Alternative for TPS63060

Are there any available replacement parts for Texas Instruments TPS63060 with the same pinout?


Unfortunately I’m not finding any products available at this time that would appear to be a close alternative to the TPS63060.

Can you speculate on the expected delivery time for any of the TPS63060 variants?

Hi AndreasK

We do have 155 pieces of the TPS63060MDSCTEP, as of this writing, if that would help out. It is significantly more expensive, as it is rated for a wider temperature range and is designed to support Medical, Aerospace, and Defense applications.

As for the standard part, you can contact sales and inquire on such issues, but based on the lead time information given on our website, it does not look like they are expected to be available for quite some time.


Assuming you need larger quantities, here’s a link to some somewhat similar parts you might want to consider. Unfortunately, all would require a board re-design.

Of particular note would be the TPS63070RNMR, of which we have a pretty decent quantity in stock at this moment, and the functionality and total solution size should be quite similar to that of the TPS63060.