Alternative needed for part# 190-MUSES03-ND

Any suggestions welcome for alternative part for 190-MUSES03-ND
This is an op-amp used in a audio mixing board, the part # on the
op-amp in the board is 921LF followed by 351 N, it’s 8dip…the part is also listed as 513-MUSES03.
The op-amp is used for a channel meter display…


OPA134PA would seem quite similar, and is currently available. It does have offset trim pins which the reference device omits, which may or may not be a problem depending on what the application board does with those pins

Absent an understanding of why the original part was chosen, making an “optimal” selection is nigh impossible. At the same time it’s not always a big deal. It seems likely that this could be one of those situations, but it’s impossible to know based on the info available.

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