Alternative part for N Channel Mosfet marking 2N60 encapsulated TO-220F

Hi everybody.
I’m searching for an alternative part to the N Channel Mosfet marking 2N60 with encapsulate TO-220F (herein enclosed a photo). I’ve looked through internet without success. All comments are welcomed. Thanks.

Hello rueda.micky, these are the closest substitutes I found but if you have a datasheet for the original part, you’ll want to compare to see if any of these substitutes will work for your application.

Hi rueda.micky,

I have not been able to identify that specific part, but MOSFETs with “2N60” integrated within their part number are N-channel FETs typically rated for 600V and 2A. Unfortunately, we don’t know any of the other specifications, but the following might be worth considering: