I need help 2sk3555 mosFET replacement

For replacement k3555,plz can eny body help…

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum Gayan.
I found a datasheet for the 2SK3555 Mosfet, and the closest alternate is TSM60NB099CZC0G-ND.
This is a standard TO-220 package with a metal mounting tab, instead of the TO-220 “Full Pack” which has the mounting tab covered in the same material as the body of the Mosfet.
If this may work for your application, you can check the datasheet for compatibility.
This one can handle higher voltage and current, and has the correct pin locations.
Technical Reference Number for this inquiry is T4247876

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Hi Gayan,

There are no direct replacements, but here are a few insulated tab options to consider:

  • FDPF44N25T-ND Most similar, but out of stock at the moment

  • TSM60NB099CFC0G-ND In stock as of today. Specs are in the realm, though rated for up to 600V vs 250V for 2SK3555. Would likely work as replacement in many applications, but no way to know for sure.

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Thanks for reply…