Alternative/Substitute Parts

Is there any substitute MPN for below 3 parts?

|MFR Name|MPN|


For the D-Sub connector take a look at the part numbers in this link.

For the resistor part number TNPW0603121KFHEA, you could take a look at part number RK73H1JTTD1213F

For the resistor part number MCT06030C9532FP500, you could take a look at part number RT0603FRE0795K3L

Please review the datasheets to ensure the alternative will work for your application.

The accuracy of part substitutions depends on various factors such as specifications, tolerances, and application requirements.

To find substitute parts, consider reaching out to suppliers, distributors, or the manufacturers directly. You can use electronic component databases, such as Octopart or Findchips, to search for alternatives. Additionally, consulting with electronics engineers or specialists may provide valuable insights into compatible substitutes based on your specific needs and application.