Alternative to ds2ye-s-dc5v relay by Aromat

Working through some electronic projects, and the current one calls for several relays of type ds2ye-s-dc5v by Aromat

Looking for alternatives I came across:

Which is discontinued.

A search for similar characteristics returned this:

Which would you suggest as an appropriate replacement?

Samper, take a look at part number G6A-2-H-DC5. See if it would work in your application.

Thanks @Karl_1696 ,

your suggestions certainly looks like it hits the technical specs. However as a newbie I really don’t know much of what I am doing. Just following instructions and parts provided by others.

While it does meet the tech specs I think it falls short of my target cost. I am building 3 boards with 4 relays which would total over $90.

I did find this item which has a lower price and some higher power specs:

However, even that I am finding a bit costly compared to other components.

I have also been eyeing pre-fab high power relay boards from amazon at a fraction of the cost and already designed to integrate with microcontroller projects such as arduino.

The challenge is that while I could go with the Amazon version (which of course I have no idea how to evaluate if they are going to be junk or not), part of my adventures in circuits is the learn and develop skills along the way.

So I feel kinda stuck. Do i stick in budget and by a pre-fab component that would meet my needs and then some. Or do I by the raw components at multiples of the cost in order to practice soldering and say I built it. Not sure what options I have.

I guess I should also point out that saving on costs might win out over sticking to the specs, so I take the specs of the project to be minimum acceptable specs. With that said I don’t know the implications of going higher power for the relays that might need a bit more juice to flip the switch.

Anyhow, I will likely need to try something and will likely start with the cheaper amazon pre-fab, until I learn why that was a bad idea.

Maybe a unsolder the parts I need and build the board with the other components. Sometimes achieving our goals lead to weird choices.

Anyone have wise thoughts to share?

Most of the time the inexpensive relay boards have genuine Ningbo Songle relays which, AIUI, are generally high quality. AFAIK, the plain relays are not available at any normal North American based small quantity distributor.

The company selling the assembly on Amazon is the manufacturer, of the PCB assembly and is located in China so they have special access to companies like Ningbo Songle.

If the cost of product failure is low on a hobby project, I’d have no problem going with those relay boards. If product failure cost is above $50.00 I’d go with guaranteed genuine, well specified parts from Digi-Key.

Thanks for the insights Paul. Cost of failure is low. If for some reason the board comes with failing parts then I will follow your advice with genuine parts.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.