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I need to replace an old IUG2-35750-20 circuit breaker

It’s obsolete. I found in suggestions that IEG2-35750-20-V replaced this obsolete one.

As far as I understand from the datasheet, the difference is the certification (IUG vs IEG).

Features I need are (taken from the old breaker’s label):
F.L. Amps 20
Max V 250
Hertz 50/60~
Delay 63F
Trip Amps 25
Aux Coil 65V~

This is the picture of the old breaker:

So, this breaker is a DUAL COIL Magnetic with a hydraulic delay of 63F (for other manufacturers, it’s a LONG delay).

Could you please confirm that IEG2-35750-20-V has the same features?

I also tried to find other replacements. Carling Technologies has the following type ba1-k0-26‐620-221-D, where K is Dual coil type, 26 is a LONG delay, and 221 is for the screw terminals. Can I order this one through Digikey?

I would appreciate any help.


Thank you for contacting DigiKey , the differencese between IUG2-35750-20 and IEG2-35750-20-V is
IUG* , UL Recognized, CSA Certifed
* , **UL Recognized, CSA Certifed, VDE Approved
V suffix is VDE and CCC Approved
All other specs are the same .
63 is 50/60Hz motor start on the picture
Page 20 , part number breakout ,

Part number BA1-K0-26‐620-221-D we do not have this part , from what I am seeing it does not appear to be the same as the other ones .

Thanks Craig

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The Sensata products use a descriptive part numbering system, so to the extent that the relevant portions of the P/N are similar, the product represented should be similar also. I’d agree that the only indicated difference between IUG and IEG series are certifications.

As for the Carling product, DigiKey appears to carry the series and should theoretically be able to order any valid P/N from it, though minimum order quantities and lead time would apply. In cases where manufacturers list products on a build-your-own basis like that, it’s not uncommon for any particular combination of options to have never actually been built before, so in a one-off replacement context, the MOQ & LT tend to be prohibitive.

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Thanks guys for the quick and informative response.

@rick_1976 @Craig_2048 two more quick questions
just in general

How good are the Sensata circuit breakers stack against the same types from Carling technologies? Where do they have manufacturing?


Both Carling and Sensata make good quality breakers.
The main thing is to match up the specs, and the delay.
I’m not positive if they have multiple factory locations or not.
If you have the DigiKey part numbers for the ones you are intersted in, the Sales Department can check the County of Origin of the parts. You can reach them at or by calling 1-800-344-4539.

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Unfortunately, China… but I have no choice.

Thanks for all replies!